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had to psost this convo almost forgot me and tiana were in chemistry

me: *drinking water*
tiana: *walks upto me and pulls my sleve up* sneha have some decensy
me: what?
tiana: you look like a slut
me: I'm not a slutO.o
tiana: i know but you look like one with her shirt like that

okayXD i had practically every part of my body covered except my left arm cause my jacket slides down on that side cause its to big for me. And you can see my arm. I don't think thats sluttyO.o

and she was wearing a tanktop with a skirtXD the only part my arm that was showing was my arm neck and face lol

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just found out about charles dickens, what an awful awful shallow man

his wife got old so he stopped loving her and divorced her and etc etc, and wouldnt let any of his children see her

and while he was married he fell in love with her sister cause she was yunger and she was so young but she died, then he met his first love again and he was going to cheat on her with the first love but he saw she was old and ew and was like ew

and evantually he met this 19 year old girl and got together with her

and the girl after he died was like yea i never loved him

what do you expect she doesnt want an old wrinkly man either when shes so youngXD its for the money, stuipd

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augh forgot to update this!

anyway lifes been err crappy, and its not just whats been going on in my life just everything the world and stuff, its deppressing>_<

but i guess the way mines been going its better then some of the others, i mean i guess id rather be alive and heart broken then dead

im pretty sure anyway

oh boy what else to say, haha i almost set the chemistry room on fire, lol that was funny

anyway gaurd banquet tommorow im putting something together for chrissy, hope i get it done

and that sit yup
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I'm trying to be good..

and you know not hate everyone for everything wrong with my life at the moment

and that has been wrong with it for a while, sort of annoyed that just when i thought it was getting better it sort of crashed down around me, dont you hate it when that happens>

and there's always worse right?

atleast my parents let me live with themXD and atleast he didnt kill me

though i feel like killing him

and her

and her

i wont say any names

but i think im doing pretty well, considering i come from a long line of people with anger issues:D

ive always considered myself a very patient and forgiving person, guess I'll find out if i am

*breathes deeply* goals in life, i have goals:D i shall focus on them and not break stuff

actually i dont have any goals at the moment>_< feel a little lost and confused

dont wanna do the goals i had cause their connected to too many bad memories

i dont know=/ no point in going to college cause the only reason i was going to go was to get enough money to support my famliy and start a chairty and help ppl out

but i dont want to anymore


so here i am before school starts, guess the sub forgot to lock the door?XD works to my advantage, not sure why i decided to try the door anyway though odd..

umm..god i feel awful>_< like when your trying to quit a really addictive drug, only im sad and hysterical and moody

anyway was looking through the magazine and saw an add for cervical cancer awareness and they listed the symptoms and ive had all of them>_< the bleeding only happened once but still...

been meaning to tell mommy but the pains usually not there when shes around and its hard to describe it, ill deal with it after midterms i guess i cant be bothered with anything now

and midterms are the week after next week, nto next week:D thank goodness>_< thought i was going to pass out when james was like no they're next week

taht was pretty mean though...

so i have two weeks to get my grades up eh i can do it

tiana was like do you want me to tutor you? and i was like arent you failing spanish too? yes she is:P

friend drew me the cutest prettiest sign, it has i love sneha on it and he made it all pretty, awe made my day, i put it in my spanish binder

*yawns* umm...what else? oh right i was going to put a convo

i have a week to read lord of the ringsXD i overjudged my reading ability, its slipped a bit cause i havent read in a while

actually less then a week i have all of this weekend i guess

anyway the convo

i dont know how to spell his name so im going to make it up

gion: guys! stop talking get in line *his phone rings this realyl weird alien ring tone*

katie: wow your pants are acting funky

gion: *blushes and puts his rifle in front of his crotch* its not my fault

katie: what are you talking about?

gion: my pants were just like that when i got up

kelley: huh?

gion: well they just wouldnt zip guys

and then after a bit we got it and couldnt stop laughingXD it was so cute, he was all blushing and shy the rest of the practice and kept putting the rifle in front of his cortch funny...we were talking about the cell phone ring

he hasnt showed up to coach us since, poor guy

well its funnier if your there:P

mm..what else? oh yea life sucks>_<


^^^^^ the second part of that was the entry i tried to post this morning but accedently posted in something else^^^

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you know what i dont get how ppl can be so selfish>_> and stuipd, i love you but it doesnt garntuee anything so ima keep doing stuff that hurts you even though you cry everyday, as long as im happy who really cares right? -_-

fucking retard

im sorry just pissed and hurt

boys tend to be a little curel dont they? just noticed

anywho read this thing about this lady who cheated on her husband and got pregnant then she found out the baby wasnt his

she was like i cant hide it cause the guy was black it'll be obvious, O.o sort of disgusted thats the first thing she thought of-_- and she tried to pass it of as the guy seduced her, did he rape her? nope, im sure it was under her free will

actually there are very few ppl im not disguested with right guess my expectations are to high

another thing i dont get is how ppl remarry>_< makes no sence to me, do you love them more then the last person? id feel weird sleeping with someone else, like im betrayed the dead person>_< i think marriage is forever, not just till one of you dies, if you met the person you remarried while your wife was alive what would happen? would you cheat on her? would you leave your wife for her or what? you cant just ignore feelings if ti really is love. or do you not like the new person as much as the old person? why owuld you marry someone when they think they might not lvoe you as much

lik ei was watching the selena movie, and chirs remarried, 6 years after she died>_< i dont know...just seems so quick eh..

well guess that show i was raised

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I give up, Honestly I think lifes out to get me

Like this year wasnt bad enough as it was, it seems to be getting worse the closer it gets to new years

I lose my graphing calculator-_- more then a 100 dollars i think

going to fail my band test and be embrassed in front of everyone

going to be embrassed in gaurd

failed my spanish test

going to fail my upcoming spanish test

cant do my math homework (no calculator)

and i lost the love of my life

shity shit shit

give me a break honestly look at how much work they gave me to do>_< geeze

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Sooo…was reading the advice column and there are two questions and answers I have to comment on cause you know me, nosy nosy
Dear Amy:
 I have been with the same wonderful guy for more then four years. We are living together and discussing marriage. However his ex-girlfriend refuses to accept it.
            It stared with “Cheryl” calling “Jim” frequently to ask him if she would marry her boyfriend or if “someone else” was right for her. When Jim didn’t jump In and proclaim his love as Cheryl expected, she married this new guy. A couple of years later, when she divorced her husband she planned a visit to Jim. (I would have been like no you cant see hero.o) Then she promptly put the moves on him. When he told her he was not interested because he loved me, she retaliated with stories of how she had cheated on him.
            Jim’s b-day rolled around and what did he get but a very nice, thoughtful, expensive gift and a long note that says nothing about me or Jim’s current life but makes frequent references to cherishing that his happiest days are in the past.
Do I have any hope for this to end?
This might well end soon after “jim” decides that it should end. It’s good that he is sharing all of this with you but if he chose to return cheryl’s gift and let her know that her attention really isn’t welcome, I predict she would make one more dramatic play and leave him alone. Ignoring her might have the same effect but it would take longer.
Nowwww my little bit, in a perfect world maybe? But I’ve given up on guys, their selfish rude and pretty much dumbasses. Have a perfectly good thing In front of them and they ruin it with stupid stuff. And they care more about their ego and are to flattered by attention to care enough about their significant other to do the right thing, my opinion=) If anyone contradicts it I’ll jump down your throats cause I’m having a very bad week…what day is it anyway>_< ::has no idea:: anywhoo, but yea, he’s probably not going to return the gift, hes probably to nice to ignore her, hes probably going to see her, hes probably going to cheat on her, and it’ll probably end in a broken heart. People need to learn to stay away from other peoples boyfriendsO.o and atleast he told her he had someone else and was in love with them, which is more then what I can say to some people
Next one..whew this ones long
Dear Amy
 I need some advice and guidance (well that’s why your writing isn’t it?) There is a woman at work who has been very friendly to me in the past. She was always making a point of saying hello and would draw some kind of attention to herself. I think this sounds as if she likes me, right? (your married it really shouldn’t matter to you idiot-_-) The weird thing is that she is married with kids---and so am I. Over the past several months I have grown more attracted to this woman. She has continued to flirt with me at work. Up until recently I have been enjoying the attention. The idea of another woman finding me attractive is appealing (your wifes going to love that) I don’t want a relationship with this woman because im married with children, but would it be out of line to ask her out to lunch.
I’m not typing up the answer cause anyone with common sence would know what that was.
I mean duh? I could argue every one of the sentences he said but I wont cause my poor hands starting to hurt=( ::sniff:: im getting arthritis but I mean really, does he have no common sence? How does he think affairs get started? What he should be doing is limiting contact with this women not encouraging it>_< going to reck his marriage, and he should probably tell him wife and they might wanna go to councling cause it sounds like hes lacking attention and junk in his relationship and maybe its gotten dull, they should try and spice if up:D not invite a girl out to lunch who likes him>_< I mean if hes sending this letting asking if its wrong he knows its wrong, and I doubt hes told his wife about her. But again, in a perfect world maybe, I doubt he has enough self control for it. doesn’t sound like it Bad bad boy, poor lady who hes married too, poor hubby who the other ladys married tooO.o
Anywayyy stole food from sissys thing, yum yum
Have you ever tried vegetable cream chese? That thing is soooo yummmmm^-^ yum yum yum
And I have blue berry covered choclate..or err..choclate covered blue berrys im not backspacing that to lazy
The winter cheerleaders make me laugh, their awfulXD  everyone knows their awful and the only ppl who try out are ones that wanna be all popular and stuff and they still try out. Cause the real cheerleaders who are doing it for the actual cheerleading cant do it cause the competitive season starts up, and their more loyal to their cheerleading team the one they’ve been on since they were little then the school team, and its more competitive too so yea
Oh god, their trying to do toe touches now>_< their awfulXD their poor coach. I wonder if that’s how coach feels with our guard team this year. Probably, we’re pretty bad, and most ppl are learning saber and junk from scratch. Last year we had like the best of the best. But the best of the best are competiting in college teams this yeaer that’s how good they are ::nods:: their in highschool and they got into the college teams, but err, the rest of us, haha, haven’t practiced, I wonder if she’ll notice

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oh i dont agree at allO.o except with the walking away angry thing id be pretty pissed if i asked someone a question and they walked around the truth and went augh their boring, it doesnt answer my question at all and im not stuipd enough to fall for it, id just get annoyed and keep asking them the question that i wanted answered do you think their hott and if i find out they lied about that id be pretty mad

flirting augh don't get me started

picking fights? maybe sometimes, its nice when we make up but yea

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Coeur Casse, pretty much describes my year, can't wait for it to be over maybe it'll be better after new years, you know a whole new start and stuff

im p retty sure im missing accent marks on the coeur casse somewhere, and knowing me its probably backwards tooXD

eh, jermeys not such a bad guy>_< used to hate his guts but mm..hes sort of nice, if it wasnt for him id have probably gotten in alot of trouble in pe and if it was me i wouldnt have done anything to help them out cause i dont know, just to lazy

I'm just going to compain:P

The vein, in my right hand middle finger hurts so bad>_< i cant movie it or touch anything against it or else its like ick *shudders* hurts so bad, dont you hate it when that happens? when you have the tinest cut or something you cant even see it yet it hurts worse then most boo-boos youve gotten:P lol, augh, have gaurd today, and i had to trad emy gloves for the less padded once i dont know how im going to do anyway *touches it* ow ow ow, please fix, 20 pounds of metal banging against my hand over and over again its going to hurt and its not like i can go "nicky my hand hurts" shell probably laugh>_< whee dizy, and my knees hurt to i think ive been sitting around to longgg

anywho i feel really gross today>_< just ick and one of those days, dont feel like myself, been haing alot of those latley, i have a new book

we watched boris gump in class:( it was so sad (or maybe its forest gump) we didnt finish it, was crying through most of it though wanted to cuddle against someone and junk but not like i have anyone even if they were here

mm *thinks* not sure what to do now, im tired, sleepyyyy