coeur_casse_x3 (coeur_casse_x3) wrote,

I'm just going to compain:P

The vein, in my right hand middle finger hurts so bad>_< i cant movie it or touch anything against it or else its like ick *shudders* hurts so bad, dont you hate it when that happens? when you have the tinest cut or something you cant even see it yet it hurts worse then most boo-boos youve gotten:P lol, augh, have gaurd today, and i had to trad emy gloves for the less padded once i dont know how im going to do anyway *touches it* ow ow ow, please fix, 20 pounds of metal banging against my hand over and over again its going to hurt and its not like i can go "nicky my hand hurts" shell probably laugh>_< whee dizy, and my knees hurt to i think ive been sitting around to longgg

anywho i feel really gross today>_< just ick and one of those days, dont feel like myself, been haing alot of those latley, i have a new book

we watched boris gump in class:( it was so sad (or maybe its forest gump) we didnt finish it, was crying through most of it though wanted to cuddle against someone and junk but not like i have anyone even if they were here

mm *thinks* not sure what to do now, im tired, sleepyyyy

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