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Sooo…was reading the advice column and there are two questions and answers I have to comment on cause you know me, nosy nosy
Dear Amy:
 I have been with the same wonderful guy for more then four years. We are living together and discussing marriage. However his ex-girlfriend refuses to accept it.
            It stared with “Cheryl” calling “Jim” frequently to ask him if she would marry her boyfriend or if “someone else” was right for her. When Jim didn’t jump In and proclaim his love as Cheryl expected, she married this new guy. A couple of years later, when she divorced her husband she planned a visit to Jim. (I would have been like no you cant see hero.o) Then she promptly put the moves on him. When he told her he was not interested because he loved me, she retaliated with stories of how she had cheated on him.
            Jim’s b-day rolled around and what did he get but a very nice, thoughtful, expensive gift and a long note that says nothing about me or Jim’s current life but makes frequent references to cherishing that his happiest days are in the past.
Do I have any hope for this to end?
This might well end soon after “jim” decides that it should end. It’s good that he is sharing all of this with you but if he chose to return cheryl’s gift and let her know that her attention really isn’t welcome, I predict she would make one more dramatic play and leave him alone. Ignoring her might have the same effect but it would take longer.
Nowwww my little bit, in a perfect world maybe? But I’ve given up on guys, their selfish rude and pretty much dumbasses. Have a perfectly good thing In front of them and they ruin it with stupid stuff. And they care more about their ego and are to flattered by attention to care enough about their significant other to do the right thing, my opinion=) If anyone contradicts it I’ll jump down your throats cause I’m having a very bad week…what day is it anyway>_< ::has no idea:: anywhoo, but yea, he’s probably not going to return the gift, hes probably to nice to ignore her, hes probably going to see her, hes probably going to cheat on her, and it’ll probably end in a broken heart. People need to learn to stay away from other peoples boyfriendsO.o and atleast he told her he had someone else and was in love with them, which is more then what I can say to some people
Next one..whew this ones long
Dear Amy
 I need some advice and guidance (well that’s why your writing isn’t it?) There is a woman at work who has been very friendly to me in the past. She was always making a point of saying hello and would draw some kind of attention to herself. I think this sounds as if she likes me, right? (your married it really shouldn’t matter to you idiot-_-) The weird thing is that she is married with kids---and so am I. Over the past several months I have grown more attracted to this woman. She has continued to flirt with me at work. Up until recently I have been enjoying the attention. The idea of another woman finding me attractive is appealing (your wifes going to love that) I don’t want a relationship with this woman because im married with children, but would it be out of line to ask her out to lunch.
I’m not typing up the answer cause anyone with common sence would know what that was.
I mean duh? I could argue every one of the sentences he said but I wont cause my poor hands starting to hurt=( ::sniff:: im getting arthritis but I mean really, does he have no common sence? How does he think affairs get started? What he should be doing is limiting contact with this women not encouraging it>_< going to reck his marriage, and he should probably tell him wife and they might wanna go to councling cause it sounds like hes lacking attention and junk in his relationship and maybe its gotten dull, they should try and spice if up:D not invite a girl out to lunch who likes him>_< I mean if hes sending this letting asking if its wrong he knows its wrong, and I doubt hes told his wife about her. But again, in a perfect world maybe, I doubt he has enough self control for it. doesn’t sound like it Bad bad boy, poor lady who hes married too, poor hubby who the other ladys married tooO.o
Anywayyy stole food from sissys thing, yum yum
Have you ever tried vegetable cream chese? That thing is soooo yummmmm^-^ yum yum yum
And I have blue berry covered choclate..or err..choclate covered blue berrys im not backspacing that to lazy
The winter cheerleaders make me laugh, their awfulXD  everyone knows their awful and the only ppl who try out are ones that wanna be all popular and stuff and they still try out. Cause the real cheerleaders who are doing it for the actual cheerleading cant do it cause the competitive season starts up, and their more loyal to their cheerleading team the one they’ve been on since they were little then the school team, and its more competitive too so yea
Oh god, their trying to do toe touches now>_< their awfulXD their poor coach. I wonder if that’s how coach feels with our guard team this year. Probably, we’re pretty bad, and most ppl are learning saber and junk from scratch. Last year we had like the best of the best. But the best of the best are competiting in college teams this yeaer that’s how good they are ::nods:: their in highschool and they got into the college teams, but err, the rest of us, haha, haven’t practiced, I wonder if she’ll notice

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