coeur_casse_x3 (coeur_casse_x3) wrote,

you know what i dont get how ppl can be so selfish>_> and stuipd, i love you but it doesnt garntuee anything so ima keep doing stuff that hurts you even though you cry everyday, as long as im happy who really cares right? -_-

fucking retard

im sorry just pissed and hurt

boys tend to be a little curel dont they? just noticed

anywho read this thing about this lady who cheated on her husband and got pregnant then she found out the baby wasnt his

she was like i cant hide it cause the guy was black it'll be obvious, O.o sort of disgusted thats the first thing she thought of-_- and she tried to pass it of as the guy seduced her, did he rape her? nope, im sure it was under her free will

actually there are very few ppl im not disguested with right guess my expectations are to high

another thing i dont get is how ppl remarry>_< makes no sence to me, do you love them more then the last person? id feel weird sleeping with someone else, like im betrayed the dead person>_< i think marriage is forever, not just till one of you dies, if you met the person you remarried while your wife was alive what would happen? would you cheat on her? would you leave your wife for her or what? you cant just ignore feelings if ti really is love. or do you not like the new person as much as the old person? why owuld you marry someone when they think they might not lvoe you as much

lik ei was watching the selena movie, and chirs remarried, 6 years after she died>_< i dont know...just seems so quick eh..

well guess that show i was raised

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